Solaire Salmon Run Recap

Last Saturday, May 7, the Year of Memories Team completed the Solaire Salmon Run. Team members for this race were Brad, his wife Lisa, their son Jake and me, Greg. Brad, Lisa and I ran the 10k while Jake ran the 5k. You might think what’s wrong with that kid? Why can’t he run the 10k? But what you don’t know is that Jake is just coming off a bought of pneumonia. In short, he’s freaking awesome!

It was a beautiful and sunny day in Bend, OR…sort of. The sun was out but it was SUPER cold and windy. I had not worn the appropriate amount of layers so therefore before the race I was freezing.

There seemed to be a good turn out for the race, but it was my first Salmon Run so I don’t really have anything to compare it too.

At exactly 9:00 AM we started off by the dog park at Riverbend Park near the Old Mill District. We did a loop around the park and then off along the trail following the Deschutes River.

Brad and Jake took off like a light, Lisa followed and I was bringing up the rear. In the first mile I caught Lisa. This is weird for several reasons.

  1. I don’t normally catch anyone
  2. I was monitoring my pace with #RunKeeper and it told me I did the first mile in 8:59! I normally run about a 10-11 minute mile.
  3. I usually start quick then fade.

Even though I was running REALLY fast I felt good (thanks adrenaline). Then I hit THE HILL, this hill went straight up to Mt Bachelor Village. This hill, killed my pace! I hate hills!

Nonetheless, I pressed on but went back to an old training routine of running for 8 minutes and walking for 2. Although that only lasted about 8 minutes because as I looked at my watch after 8 minutes and thought, “I could keep running.” Then as I was walking I was itching to run after about 1 minute. So long story short, I ran some and walked some.

The last half of the race was downhill or flat which was good for my time, I was able to run the last half of the race faster than the first half. As I came down into Farewell Bend Park I looked across the river and saw Brad about to finish the race, I still had a little over a mile to go. Then as I entered Les Schwab Amphitheater I saw Lisa, who was coming out, she was about 1/4 mile ahead of me.

This is where being a Type 1 Diabetic comes into play. My blood sugar starting getting low around mile 5 of the 6.2 mile course. This caused me to walk more than I wanted and I was determined to run hard the last half mile but was thwarted by head winds and diabetes…that is…until I saw the team! Brad, Lisa and Jake were standing at the entrance to Riverbend Park waiting for me and cheering me on. Brad even started to run with me, encouraging me along the way. My fatigue and blood sugar issues disappeared and I was able to finish the race strong.

All in all it was a great race! We had four team members and several people asked us what we were doing, so the word is getting out about our goal of reaching $10,000 by October and the Portland Marathon.

So far, we have raised $1,270 from 10 donors! Every little bit helps. Donate to our cause or help us spread the word by going to our Team page.

Thank you all and we’ll see you again on July 9 for the Smith Rock Sunrise Summer Classic

The Results- 10K– Brad finished 35th (6th in his division), Lisa finished 81st (2nd in her division) and I finished 97th (7th in my division) out of 127 in the 10K.

5K Jake finished 42nd (1st in his division) in the 5k. That’s 2 first place finishes in 2 races for Jake. WAY TO GO!




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